PatWest Technologies

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Employee Skills

PatWest Technologies has a mixture of technical staff and office support and semi-skilled workers. The technical staff, which has some university graduates and technical college graduates is specialized in Computer Hardware (PCs, Servers, Laptops and Printers), Structured Cable systems (using UTP, STP and Optic Fiber Cables), UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply systems), Telecommunications (covering VSAT, PABXs, Wireless LAN and leased lines), and Software(Operating, Application and Accounting systems).

PatWest Technologies employs high calibre, experienced ICT professionals, and provides internal support structures and training programmes to develop new skills and expertise. Our team’s project experience includes assignments with Government departments, Financial Institutions, and Utility Companies.

We are further pleased to announce that we are also able to do consultancy work in IT planning, Project Management and implementation. We have in our management team staff with more than 20 years’ experience, who are able to provide thorough leadership in how to maximise the use of ICT.  Our people have the capacity to plan, execute and manage major ICT projects in any area of business.